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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Asian Civilisation Museum

The first of the three artifacts that piqued our interest was this pair of chopsticks, that had a silver cover. It was from the early-mid 20th century, in Northern Thailand. During that time, silver was also more valuable than gold.

Next, there were some wooden shields with intriguing motifs. We later found out that the Dayak warriors used these shields and attatched their hair to show off their prowess. The motif was to ward off evil spirits.

Lastly, we have a gourd-shaped ladle (phew! I am DEAD tired). It has an intricate design on the end of the handle, like those found on the prow of a dong son boat. Then there is the bird with a large beak holding a fish. These gourds are thought to be part of a weaving process as they are found in burials.


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