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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What happened along the Singapore River last time?

Going back I time, we inferred from the atmosphere of the place and also the special metal statues/models of people or typical situations last time. They were quite easy to spot (as you can imagine) we did not really have to look (where else in Singapore do you see these things?!).
Below is a picture of Daniel posing with one of the figures.

Next are some other models, like discussion between traders, or ox-carts.

There was even a model of some coolies lugging gunnysacks up the steep steps at Boat Quay (pronounced Boat-Kee). Unfortunately, we did not have a picture, but we did get this:

Some children playing around by jumping into the water. I am sure you would be able to spot the small bit of stairs to the right?
Anyway, it gave us a pretty good idea of what happened last time. Boats would come into Singapore and dock near the stairs. Then coolies would come and lug the gunnysacks onto the ox-carts to be transported somewhere else. Meanwhile, the trader would come up from his boat and talk to other traders for business opportunities.

Now, places along the Singapore river like Boat Quay, which used to be a very busy port, is now a stretch of shops housing restaurants (mostly seafood we noticed) , bars, etc. Fullerton hotel which used to be the General Post Office and Exchange building, is now a Five-Star Hotel that only the rich can afford to live at. You can find the Asian Civilisation museum, and even Raffles' landing site (refer to previous posts). There is a great contrast between the Singapore River's present state and its past.


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