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Steelrunners::Our Experience

Throughout this whole experience, we have to say, it was much more fun than one of those amazing races by SST (no offense). Firstly, we had our own freedom to explore, and also, there wasn't any stress or time constraints (yay!). We went through all the tasks quite easily (despite having to organize the group every few seconds). We took a while to organise and prioritise our tasks.

Other than that... Actually, we were not really organised because SOME people started messing around but on the overall, it was finding our three artifacts for the asian civilisation museum that was difficult. There were so many, so we decided to base the three artifacts on three main categories - Food, Battle and Lifestyle. Then we slowly departed until there were only three of us left (one of our team members brought his bro along). Even after that, we contacted each other to discuss the remaining homework and stuff.

We did not really make any mistakes, although the meet up plan would have been more convenient if others did not have last minute changes. We could also have took the initiative to contact each other instead of waiting for each other to call.